We Guide And Equip
7 & 8-Figure
Founder-Led Companies To Scale & Operate as

We Guide And Equip

7 & 8-Figure
Founder-Led Companies To Scale & Operate as

Enterprise Businesses, Resulting In Strong Teams, Leveraged Time, Amplified Reach, And Multiplied Profits


Brandon and Kaelin




CPG Revenue


Coaching Service Revenue


Digital Product Revenue


Inc. 5000: Fastest

Growing Company in America


Fastest Growing B

To C Company In America


Managed Employees


Views Through Marketing

& Advertising Campaigns


Recruited & Built Executive Team


Ad Spend


In Charitable Giving


CPG Revenue


Coaching Service Revenue


Digital Product Revenue


Inc. 5000: Fastest

Growing Company in America


Fastest Growing B

To C Company In America


Managed Employees


Views Through Marketing

& Advertising Campaigns


Recruited & Built Executive Team


Ad Spend


In Charitable Giving


We accelerate the growth trajectory of ONE company per week.

We identify the gaps between the current state of business & its goals, then focus on the areas of impact to close the gap & scale profitably, efficiently, with stability.

We execute this through a 1-on-1 Strategy Day that focuses on the two keys of scaling a successful business into an Enterprise Company; Making it Rain & Developing The Organization.

We do this by providing customized strategy, 360-degree operating systems, profit playbooks, execution templates, & real marketplace experience to transform companies into scaling & sellable enterprise business.



The ability to generate consistent revenue & cash flow in the business

Kaelin is Renowned for Her Ability to Convert Customers

She has built an audience of 1M+ Followers, generated billions of views on her content & ads, created & perfected the art of "Attracting Your Perfect Customer", built a Facebook community of 170,000+ raving customers, lead a marketing team in creative processes to develop converting ads & organic content on a weekly basis, crafted sales messages & presentations that sold $200 million from stages, webinars, emails, social media posts, & ads.

She now translates her marketing expertise & sales success directly into each business she works with to scale acquisition, conversion, reach, & revenue.

How we help you make it rain:

areas of expertise & how it translates into your business


subscriber email list

Generated Millions of Dollars a Year Through Email & Text Marketing Strategies

  • Customer Journey Sequences

  • Frequency & Data Analysis

  • Offer & Value Emails that Convert

  • Text Marketing Strategies & Frequencies


customer community

Built a "Cult-Like" & Highly Engaged Facebook Community of Customers

  • How to Build a Culture in Community

  • Community Structure, Guidelines, Moderation

  • Content & Selling in the Community

other high level impact areas

  • Attracting Perfect Customers

  • Profit Maximization

  • Business Model Optimization

  • Offer Improvement

  • Brand & Marketing Positioning

  • CAC Reduction

  • LTV Optimization

  • CRO Optimization

$200M in revenue

+ billion of views

The Systems & Processes Built to Create Consistent Organic & Paid Content That Converted 750,000 Customers

  • Attractive Character Marketing Strategies

  • Content Production SOPs

  • Endless Ads Creation SOPs

  • Omnipresent Marketing Strategies

$15M in low & high

ticket webinars

15 Highly Profitable Webinars with Low & High Ticket Product Offerings

  • The Perfect Pitch SOP for Sales Presentations

  • Message & Offer Creation

  • Presentation Audits & Optimization

$5M in

live event sales

Annual Community 1,000+ Person Live Events & 150+ Person Private Coaching Retreats

  • Structuring Events for Selling &/or Renewals

  • Setting & Selling From Stage Successfully

  • Special Event Offers & Conversion Tactics


The ability to profitably support and sustain growth without breaking or burnout

Brandon is The Builder & Optimizer of Businesses

He has built a thriving, productive, and profitable 150 employee cross functional team from scratch that successfully managed multiple product lines: High Ticket Coaching, CPG, Apparel & Accessories, and Digital Products. Robust Finance, HR, IT, Customer Support, Phone Sales, Marketing, Product Development, Logistics, and Advertising teams all worked together in harmony with a proprietary Enterprise Operating System which every business needs to scale.

How we Developed the organization:

areas of expertise & how it translates into your business

Built & operate the company & team

Systems Built to Scale & Optimize Profitability

  • Acquisition & Profit Scorecards

  • Financial Summary Templates

  • Weekly Plan & Priority Processes

  • Planning & Communication Cadences

Recruiting, hiring & team building

Built a Team of 150+ Employees

  • Recruiting the Right Team Members to Scale

  • Recruiting & Hiring Processes

  • Team Structure & Accountability Systems

in house 45 agent phone sales team

Sold $30M+ in Digital, Consumer Packaged Goods, & Coaching with Our Sales Team

  • Infrastructure & Management

  • Compensation Plans

  • Scripts & Compliance

sold & exited the brand in 2022

Full Experience in the Process of Preparing and Executing the Sale of a Business

  • Preparation for an Exit

  • Leveraging other "Faces" for the Business

  • Brokers, CIMs, LOIs, & Negotiations

high ticket coaching staff

Operated a Team of 15 Coaches & Fulfilled for 1,500+ Coaching Clients

  • Infrastructure & Recruiting

  • Compensation Plans

  • Curriculum, Fulfillment, & Events

other high level impact areas

  • Consumer Packaged Goods

  • Apparel & Accessories

  • Manufacturing

  • Product Creation & Sourcing

  • Digital Products And Courses

  • Email And SMS Marketing Systems

  • Enterprise Operating System

  • Custom Compensation Plans

  • Marketing Agency Relations

  • Supplement Formulation

  • Financial Management

  • 100-1000 Person Events


Russell Brunson

Multiple 9 Figure Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder of ClickFunnels

“Because Brandon woke me up, we have great operations in place. Brandon & Kaelin are a unique force because they’ve been in it and they have both pieces (sales and operations)”

Kristen Boss

Multi-7 Figure Entrepreneur

"I did a strategy day with Brandon and Kaelin... their insights to position the offer gave us an added revenue of more than $600,000 dollars. It became a 2.3 MILLION dollar launch. We saw an immediate return on that."

Alex Charfen - Inc 5000 CEO

“There are few that approach business with the level of obsession, tenacity, and intelligence as Brandon Poulin. I have been blown away by his ability to diagnose their issues, see through the challenges and frustrations they have and help them find the solution they need to move forward.”

Billy Gene - 8-Figure Entrepreneur & Advertising Savant

“Brandon has been there and done that. He gave me exactly what we needed in regards to scaling our organization. Got in. Got out. Progressed.”

Adam Wenig - Multi 7 Figure CEO of Blue Edge Financial

“We had joined a mastermind group which was great for networking, but you don't get this type of one-on-one focused attention on the business...we got our moneys worth in our very first session...they did a really good job on getting to know our business. ”

Fritz Hortsman - Multi 7 Figure Entrepreneur

“I love working with Brandon because he's super analytical. My struggle was lead flow. Now it's not a problem anymore, now my problem is too many leads. He gives actionable items to get to the next level. He knows exactly what to do. My business has now become super straightforward and easy to scale.”

Salvador Cano - Mid 7 Figure CEO Of PENTONIX Freight

"We doubled our net income percentage… tremendous growth they've been able to provide for our company. We were able to go from 9 to 21 employees while seeing an increase in customer base and revenue."

Annie Grace - New York Times Bestselling Author Of “This Naked Mind”

"Brandon's first suggestion alone paid for the entire thing. Over the course of the session, we found six to eight more valuable insights, resulting in an impressive 50 to 70 times return on investment..."

Jim & Mimi Dew - Multi 7 Figure Entrepreneur & Founders of Dew Wealth Management

“Some of the best business advice we’ve ever gotten has come from Brandon Poulin. He has given us the steps and systems to bring recruiting in house. He also helped us to speed up our assessment process to move revenue forward.”

Paul & Angie Lyngiso - 7 Figure Entrepreneurs

“We had our business for about 4 years...On our strategy call, in about 4 hours, we got more out of Brandon & Kaelin than we could have done on our own in a year. Now we know with clarity and an action plan where we will take our business next.



The Path is Math: Data-Based Decision Making

Identify, measure, and improve the critical data points that drive growth in your business so you can make sound data driven decisions to hit your growth goals. Not knowing these KPI’s is hindering your decision making.


Sales & Marketing: Acquire More Customers, Decrease Acquisition Costs, & Increase LTV

Simplify, clarify, and scale your sales and marketing efforts to generate more revenue while lowering costs to drive stronger profit margins. Stale marketing, reliance on one acquisition source, lack of retention sequencing, and lack of upsell strategies will majorly handicap profits.


Product & Offer Innovation:

Nothing Markets Better Than Great Products

Empower your organization to systematically and methodically innovate your current product offering, launch new/better products, and quickly eliminate losing products.


Organizational Development:

Create the Dream Team

Learn how to structure, recruit, train, and manage the team in your organization to achieve its goals so you can create the lifestyle you esteem while your business continues to run and grow without you involved in the day-to-day.


Strategic Planning:

Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail

Install the company planning process necessary to innovate on all fronts and create a clear action plan that aligns everyone in your company to work together on what will move the needle.


Built To Sell:

Know Your Exit Strategy & Position Your Business To Sell If Desired

Understand your exit options and gear your business towards the traits that a strategic buyer or private equity firm would look for while driving maximum enterprise value.

Operational Excellence:

Stay Out of The Weeds

Create simple operational systems and frameworks that enable smooth business operations, allowing your efforts to be multiplied while your business scales.

Financial Frameworks: Know & Protect Your Numbers At All Costs

Develop the sound financial frameworks, practices, controls, and processes necessary to effectively manage cash flow, forecast, plan for growth, and drive the highest top and bottom-line results possible.


Build Your Net Worth:

The Billionaire Asset Allocation

Learn the billionaire’s asset allocation, mitigate the operational risk of your business, and drive the excess profits of your business to the proper customized combination of investment vehicles in order to set you up to be financially free for life.

This Isn’t Business,

It’s Personal

This isn’t a mastermind, course, or group coaching program.

This is a high-caliber opportunity to receive 1-on-1 mentorship from a team who has spent the last decade walking the walk.

We are doing this because we love to solve hard problems, win, and ultimately change the world with awesome people.

We know what it's like to have 150+ employees. We know what it takes to scale.

We know how difficult it can be to decide where to steer the ship next.

Eventually, you get to a point where most people around you simply can’t relate to your problems, and those who can are too busy dealing with their own.

Right now, we are being called to serve high-level executors like yourself.


  • Established 7 and 8-figure annual revenue companies

  • Entrepreneurs with character, competence, and commitment

  • Executors who are coachable and willing to learn to think differently

  • CEOs who take responsibility for everything that happens in their business


Brandon and Kaelin are believers, parents, entrepreneurs, and investors. Their recent track record includes building the LadyBoss brand to be the 4th fastest growing privately held company in America in 2019 per the Inc. 5000. They sold the LadyBoss brand in 2022 to Russel Brunson, founder of Clickfunnels.

Brandon and Kaelin have personally built marketing, sales, service, support, IT, HR, and finance teams that have generated over 200 million dollars in combined revenue through multiple D2C verticals and channels including consumer packaged goods, high ticket coaching, apparel & accessories, digital products, webinars, courses, live events, and book sales.

Under their leadership their companies have produced a Barnes and Noble #1 bestselling book, numerous business and product awards, mainstream blog contributions, and 50+ media appearances on major news networks. These include FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, Forbes, PopCulture, TODAY, BuzzFeed, and many others.

They have advised dozens of multi-million dollar companies including clients like Russel Brunson and Billy Gene.

Brandon and Kaelin are wholly committed to God, their two daughters Roemee & Revlyn, and the highest level of success for their clients and those they are called to serve. To date, their family has donated well over 1 million dollars, and counting, to charity.

Free 360° Audit With 100+ Items: Identify Business Holes & Opportunities

We guide and equip 7 & 8-figure founder-led companies to scale & operate as enterprise businesses, resulting in strong teams, leveraged time, amplified reach, and multiplied profits.

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